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Security Toners


Secure Your Documents using a HP printer or Troy Printer.

Special toner formula forces a bright red stain to appear on the page if chemical alteration is attempted to your document. Any solvent used to release the toner will make the dye release. Also with high adhesion qualities it then makes it difficult to remove by mechanical alteration.

Helps limit changes to secure documents and reduce your fraud.

For short term security on documents, add indelible Troy coating to the paper. This is applied during paper production. When the toner is applied to this areas, it slowly bleeds through providing a mirror of the original data on the back of the page. Any data changes made will then be clearly visible.

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Fraud Resistant Security Toner™ Protects Documents From Alteration

Create an extra layer of security for your high value documents. TROY Security Toner allows you to print as usual but alerts you if your documents have been tampered with. The toner contains TROY’s patented hidden security agent which releases a red dye making chemical alteration visible when chemical alteration is attempted. TROY's patented anti-fraud technology forces a bright red stain to appear if chemical alteration of a document is attempted. For standard applications (i.e. education transcripts, certificates, medical records, legal documents, etc.) TROY Security Toner adds a cost-effective layer of security to your sensitive documents.

Protect the Security Stock. Protect the Printed Data.

TROY Locking Printers + The World's Most Fraud Resistant Toner  

Protect the Security Stock. Protect the Printed Data.

TROY Locking Printers + The World's Most Fraud Resistant Toner  

Security printer
Secure Certificates

1. Printer Key Lock

Prevent unauthorized printing with a key lock that disables print functionality. When locked, the printer stays powered on but cannot print documents until unlocked.

2. Locking Printer Trays

Lock down resources to prevent theft of valuable certificate stock. Includes steel tray shielding so paper cannot be removed from the rear of the printer.

3. Fraud Defence Toner

Prevent document alteration with a covert security agent that releases a red dye if chemical alteration is attempted, voiding the document.

4. Personalized Watermarks

Add additional security by layering constituent data into the background of the document, making alteration more difficult.