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Cheque Book Software and Systems

Cheque book software systems


PCF!secure Laser Cheque Software enables a4 laser cheques with the latest ISF UCN and UCN plus features now required by UK Banks.
The cheque software enables secure cheque payments with full audit traceability using the specially developed PCF!secure software, secure laser cheques and the TROY MICR Secure printers. All aspects of the system conform to the UK banking and cheque printing standards set out by PayUk..

PCF offers a flexible solution based on clients’ requirements. The application resides on the latest Windows Servers and can provide full customisable print solution using your finance application data. This can be text, csv, XML, PDF.

Cheque book software can also reside on Virtual Machines or physical hardware.

PCF!secure provides full template control without any changes to your existing application. In addition to the full template changes we are able to add many additional security features to the cheque
  • Multiple users and printers
  • UCN plus and UCN
  • Administration Control
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Multiple Currencies
  • No limit to number of different Templates
  • Auto Signing capability with different rules on different accounts
  • Reprint
  • Data Encrypted
  • Full Reporting Tools with in built archive
  • Audit Trail
  • Email Alerts
  • Special security print capabilities to deter fraud
  • Print Highest Value first or last
  • Intelligent overflow continuation Pages catered for with tray selection
  • Full design flexibility on Remittance Advice and Cheque
  • Manual cheque entry facility, with full audit
  • Tools to make your own future alterations, after our in depth training course.
  • Print secure single cheques (Cheque book app) , cheque and remittance or letter, banker's draft, GIRO, on many different cheque formats.