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Gift vouchers are specifically developed to provide maximum brand impact with advanced printing security protection to prevent gift voucher fraud.

We protect your documents with a range of visible & covert security.

For Gift Vouchers we offer you:

  • Watermarked paper Security watermark paper with a special coating that effectively prevents fraudulent alteration.
  • Hologram A visible deterrent against counterfeiting. Holograms can have a bespoke logo cut out for more visible branding. For ultimate security we etch or overprint a logo.
  • UV Inks Can be printed across the whole document in fluorescing invisible pattern which can only be seen under ultra violet light.
  • Thermochromic Inks React to heat changes for instant validation.
  • Bank Note Technology Complex fine line relief patterns can be created that are almost impossible to replicate.
  • Micro Text A printed feature containing an ultra small font that is very difficult to scan or colour copy.

Secure Gift vouchers are at the very forefront of retailing, enhancing turnover and customer loyalty. They give you a competitive edge and encourage repeat business.