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UV Security Printer

UV Security Printer

The new Security Printers increases document security with the ability of adding fixed or variable data or images as a UV ink. This increases the security of the document as it can only be seen by using a UV light.

The application is ideal for the following market areas, and a lot more:

Government Issued Certificates
Educational Certificates, Diplomas and reports
Government Identity Documents
Corporate Contracts
Certificates of Authenticity
Judicial / Legal Documents
Medical Applications
Vital Records
Titles of Ownership

The TROY SecureUV Printers offers the ability to customize and combine printed elements of a document with multiple visible and invisible security features. Users can combine MicroPrint, TROYMark™, and TROY Pantograph security features with SecureUV features to create customized print security that can be added to existing pre-printed forms or printed on standard blank paper, saving the expenses of pre-printed paper.

Printers range from 16mm the Troy 8100 SecureUV, Troy m451 Secure UV 21ppm and the 806 55ppm, providing a printer for all sizes of business and print run