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Why Authenticate?

Legal documents, Certificates, Airway bills, Giros, Cheques, Tickets, Vouchers, insurance, mortgage paperwork the list goes on...

And so does Fraud!!

Many documents are tampered and altered to improve grades, change names or alter values. Fraud costs the industries thousands.

How do you protect your documents?

Authenticate them

All forms can have a QR code created with the Authenticate module in the Formation designer from PCF. This will generate a QR with whatever data you wish to verify. Take an exam certificate, name, date, grade. The QR code will be printed onto the document during the live print run. The QR will hold this information encrypted and unreadable by any 3rd party reader.

Using the Authenticate free App or our secure web site, you can scan the QR confirming its content and being able to verify against the printed document enabling you to identify changes to the form.

Incorporate this application with our secure paper, software and printers and you will have the leading document security solution.

Custom Corporate QR

If you are a large business and want to increase your visible security of ID or documents we can custom create Authenticate. The applications can have their unique encryption and you host your own web service to decrypt or custom apps for your clients. For example to validate original documents or ID badges.