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Bacs Software




Flexible, user-friendly software that makes Bacs payment processing hassle-free

Bacsactive-IP provides organisations with a modern, well designed, reliable and secure electronic funds transfer system.

Bacsactive-IP is a user-friendly, fully scalable, integrated and extensible client-server solution. Bacsactive-IP has been developed using the latest technologies with ease-of-use being the primary consideration.

Our client-server architecture, modern Application Programme Interface (API), browser based user interface and in-house development capability make Bacsactive-IP the ideal solution for all companies, regardless of size and process complexity.

PCF provides a range of solutions from entry level, which enables users with an Internet Browser and smart card reader to create and control their payments, to a client-server Enterprise solution with unlimited number of clients, integrated workflow and automation of submission and retrieval of reports.

PCF provides a wide range of additional modules;

  • Direct Debit Manager
  • Account Validate
  • Bureau
  • HSM and Faster Payments.

Solution for every Business

Businesses of all sizes and industry sectors, such as Three Valleys PLC, Scottish & Southern and T-Mobile are using Bacsactive-IP to process direct debits, direct credits, payroll and expenses, accounts payable and other critical Bacs payments.