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Corporate Security



PIN Letters

PCF's Laser PIN and Password Letters provide document security and quality with real improvements in document processing. PCF's Laser PIN and Password Letters allow the laser printing of confidential data onto a single sheet of paper that can easily be mailed without extra processing

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Key Benefits from PCF's Laser PIN and Password Letters

  • Original Print quality for the PIN number, no fuzzy carbon copy image to read.
  • Large font size can be used to aid PIN number readability by poor sighted recipients.
  • Multi-level 'tamper evidence' to discourage potential unauthorised PIN number reading.
  • Fully tested to protect recipients from many different types of overt fraud attempts.
  • Access by rightful recipient is simple, easy to understand without instructions, and quick.
  • Simple validation instructions positioned by the side of the Laser PIN label allow easy confirmation that PIN has not been tampered with.
  • The secure PIN data is left separate from the recipient letter leaving no potential linkage when the letter is disposed of.
  • No special equipment is required to laser print and process the Laser PIN Letter.
  • Postal cost savings available from mailing these lighter and less complex documents.
  • Simple 'base stock' can be converted during the laser data print process into any type of PIN letter required with the various versions being controlled at the laser data print stage.
  • Confidentiality is maintained during the data printing process since the laser printer operators are unable to read the PIN on the documents they are printing.

ID Cards

From plastic identity cards and loyalty schemes to door keys and membership passes, we create a plastic card product that’s right for you and your clients. Uniquely designed, to whatever production run you need.

More than that - it keeps you in touch. With our plastic cards boasting data storage options, or exclusive identifiers, you can give better service than ever.

We’re there for you. With fantastic design ideas to create the solution you need, secure ordering systems and help with data handling. With card packaging, instruction guides and promotional campaigns.

Pressure Seal

Pressure seal one piece mailers are suitable for use on laser, inkjet and impact printers and can be supplied pre-printed in your company colours.Pressure seal cheque products are also available which fully conform to the latest APACS security designs and specifications.

Total Confidentiality

Once the pressure sealed mailer is sealed its tamper evident design makes it very difficult for it to be opened without leaving traces of the attempt.


Pressure seal forms will speed up your mailing process by eliminating the time spent folding forms, stuffing and sealing envelopes.

Free Advertising

An advertisement printed to appear on the outside of the pressure seal envelope is a great opportunity to promote your products or services (the Post Office says... that up to 10 people handle every item of mail) and it is totally free.


Sealing machinery is reliable and the pressure seal process is clean, dry and odour free - ideal for the modern office environment.