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Printer Security

Document Security Printer

The TROY Secure DXi 3015 and 806DXi Printer is designed to manage risk when printing high value documents on network printers or on printers in open office environments. The 3-position key control allows authorized users to select standard HP printing functions, TROY Security features, or to lock out all print jobs. Machines print at 42ppm and 55ppm. In addition for additional security the 806DXi can also use UV ink for added security. For additional information please see UV security printers

The printer is ideal for secure documents such as Certificates, legal documents, insurance.

Working as a standalone printer you can add additional features;

Copy Evident Pantograph

The TROY SecureDXi uses a copy evident pantograph to prevent unauthorized copying. The pantograph is a hidden feature that appears across a photocopied or scanned version of a securely printed document in the form of a word such as "VOID", "Illegal" or "Copy".


A unique watermark of user defined variable data, printed diagonally across the front or back of each printed document. With multiple unique data fields, this intelligent anti-tampering technology helps to easily verify document authenticity


Microprinting can be used to prevent unauthorized copying of prescriptions. When using this very small font, which is readable when viewed at five times magnification or greater, it will appear illegible when copied.

Additional Measures

Enhance the Troy printer security level by adding additional document protection of Authenticate security to detect modified forms. Please see our Authenticate page – make a link